Fairfield Warde High School PTA
755 Melville Avenue
Fairfield, Connecticut
203 255-8354
Warde Headmaster: James J. Coyne
President: Leonora Campbell
Vice President: OPEN
Treasurer: Fernanda Casey
Secretary: Michele Modugno

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*Class of 2014
Monday, April 7th - Application now available to The High School Scholarship Foundation of Fairfield (HSSFF) Click here for more info.
The HSSFF is a not for profit foundation that generously provides financial assistance for post-secondary education to graduating seniors at Fairfield‚s public high schools. It is governed by a community based all volunteer board of directors.
This past week in homeroom all seniors received a letter outlining the application instructions. The application is available online at http://fairfieldschools.org/scholarship-2014.htm
The deadline to apply is April 25, 2014.

*Check out our Warde Community Links page for info such as Athletic Alternate Transportation forms, important websites, etc.

*Parents are urged to update their contact information on Infinite Campus.  Teachers and other school personnel rely on this information for essential communication with the families of our students.

Just wanted to let everyone know we have reached 1004 members!!!!  THANK YOU!!!

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Wednesday, APRIL 9th  7:00pm PTA MEETING  Please attend
We have only three meetings left this year and we will need to be sure we have as full a compliment of volunteers to continue our programs and events for students, parents and the community at large. I do hope you will consider becoming involved even in a "one-shot project"..please come to the meeting to see what fits you best. 

If you are interested or have any questions about these positions/opportunities, please contact Leonora Campbell


The goal in establishing the dates for SBAC testing has always been to minimize the impact on instructional time. When the initial dates were selected, the last day of school was June 11 and the last available testing window for SBAC was not feasible due to the end of year schedule.
The extension of the school year due to snow days has provided us with the opportunity to move the SBAC testing to late May, after AP exams. The testing will now take place on
May 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, and 29.  PLEASE GO TO THE WEBSITE FOR MORE IMPORTANT INFORMATION AND FAQ‚s http://fairfieldschools.org/schools/fwhs/
BOE News:

2014-2015 Budget News

Monday, April 7th
Sherman School All Purpose Room,

250 Fern Street
Representative Town Meeting Budget Hearings

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm BOARD OF EDUCATION Summary Budget Presentation by Superintendent of Schools
*Board of Education Budget 
*Health and Welfare Services
*Private School Bus Transportation

The next phase of the Budget process is in the hands of the RTM.  Do you know what these letters stand for? Do you know who your representative is for your area of town?
Every November we elect members of our community who are also our friends and neighbors who represent you on the town's Representative Town Meeting (RTM).  There are 10 districts in our town and 5 members of your neighboring community who represent you on the RTM. The RTM has legal authority to make FURTHER cuts to the school budget if they so choose.  So∑..are you aware of what they think and how they stand on the school budget or issues related to schools?  Have you taken the time to share with them your own thoughts and concerns regarding the school budget?    

Please take the time to send your thoughts to all elected officials by emailing them at

CALLING Interested Parents ˆ AP Psychology Class being considered
The Secondary Curriculum Program is looking to get approval to implement an Advanced Placement Psychology class for next year at both high schools.  We need 2-3 parents to help participate in a curriculum review and textbook presentation on Tuesday, May 6.  The entire process should take approximately 3.5 hours (8:30-12:00).  The group will include teachers and administrators, as well as parents from both schools.  
We will first review the curriculum and provide feedback on the document.  We will then have publisher presentations to review and evaluate three possible textbooks and teacher and student resources

Board of Education 2014 Meeting Schedule:
The Fairfield Board of Education Meeting Schedule for 2014 has been announced. All meetings begin at 7:30 pm and are held at the Central Office, 501 Kings Hwy East on the 2nd floor board conference room

 You can find all of the latest information at www.fairfieldschools.org

What does the Warde PTA do?

The Warde PTA is unique and maybe a bit different from what you might be used to. Our primary objective is to connect parents so that a strong parent community can support each other, our children, and our administrators.
Our Main goals are:
*Communication so you can participate: Weekly email newsletters, our PTA Website, and the Directory given to all Members at the Open House.

*Building a Sense of Community and Pride in being a Warde Family: Organized around teams, it is easy to find others who share your interests using our Organizational Framework posted on this website.

*Informative Programming: Focused on addressing our Parents needs and concerns, programs planned include: the 9th Grade Forum on Underage Drinking, Hands-On Naviance/Family Connection training, and College Panel Presentations.

*Student Support: Making our families lives easier, we offer On-Site SAT Prep courses, club support, National Reflections program, college scholarships, and senior internships.

Fundraising is a very small part of what we do. We raise most of our funds through membership (the only check we ask you to write), our monthly Flea Markets, sales of Spirit Wear, and affiliation programs like Stop & Shop.

Won't you join the Warde PTA? Please complete the Membership Form and receive a free copy of the Warde Directory.